a Nice place for people in NZ to come and chat
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PostSubject: WELCOME TO THE PIT   Thu Dec 06, 2007 5:58 am


I'm your friendly host and would like to welcome you to this shit hole forum MB2.

If by some accident you are here because you have just discovered that people have been bagging your good name as a trader - fear not fellow auction member I was bought to the attention of this skid mark messageboard as a result of finding a group of TRADE ME/Zillion women talking about my good name in this forum.

I have since found out that there are MANY other users out there who have also been a victim of this slanderous behaviour and it is with great pride that I bring to the attention of the community that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated and I suggest that if you want to go head to head (ahem) or give me head with me then take out your false teeth and fight me like a REAL WOMAN.

That comment is directed at the following members:
Dave3inches and Pungaman aka bleatsville.

If you are looking to join a community that is pro-active in promoting entrepreneurship/humor/creativity I highly recommend the following messageboards

Your Opinion Please


Looking forward to your valuable input in these two forums.

Leigh lol!
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